Can i have windows xp and windows 7 on my computer

I want to run both xp and win 7 on my pc
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  1. and I WANT go on a vacation to a tropical island! :pt1cable:

    Ignore that, what I mean is, we need to know more details.
    What PC do U have? Specs? and what is your current operating system.
    Check if your system suports what U want to install, and if there are drivers available.
    More details!

  2. If your computer meets the system requirements for both OS's and you have the necessary disk space, then yes. Install Xp first, then install win 7. This will create a dual boot scenario. Be warned, dual/multi booting is easy, tryying to remove one of the OS's later without breaking the other OS's can be more difficult.
  3. Another option would be to install Windows 7 then run XP in a virtual PC
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