Genuine bewilderness


my system specs:

AMD phenom II x4 965 @ 3.8ghz
corsair 750w psu
ATI xfx radeon 5970 BE OC to 950core/1150mem
ocz ram at 1200mhz 4gb
crosshair III formula am3 motherboard
500gb seagate barracuda hdd

Yet my pc pretty much runs like a machine half price, especially since the GPU costs £500-600

Crysis 1 is kinda unplayable on very high settingswith 4xaa at 1920x1080, i get the same frame rates as a a 4890 crossfire with same specs, maxing at 32 fps, i can reach 40+ if i look at a random bush or the sky, in shooting scenes/action scenes it drops below 20-25 fps so not really playable, yet i see benchmarks and videos of users with a 5970 blazing crysis on even 8xaa and higher ress than me..

metro 2033 on highest settings with dx11 but DOF option turned OFF, is unplayble, peaking at about 40 fps in a random empty corridor, action scenes about 20-30 fps max.. i understand this game is very graphically intense, but with imp DOF off and with my res and specs i should be able to play it comfortably surely?
uni engine 2.0 with AA off, tessaltion on normal and at 1920x1080 dx11 i get like 7-8fps minimum averageing about 30-40 and ofcourse i even OC'd the gfx card to geta bit extra juice

3dvantage scores with cpu and gfx card ofcourse OC

I really need help, that graphic card cost so much and my performance is sub sub sub standard compared to many other similar specs etc

Help is appreciated cofoundly

thanks in advance

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  1. offical cataclysm 10.3 from the amd site
  2. what drivers are you using for the card?
  3. You are talking about the 2 most GPU intensive games out there you will have to tweak in game settings. It is the CPU score pulling down your overall in vantage.
  4. That may be so, but the benches and videos all show 5970 having much better performance especially on crysis, even metro 2033
  5. The CPU used for toms benches "Intel Core i7-975 Extreme (Bloomfield) 3.33 GHz, 6.4 GT/s, 8 MB L3 Cache, power-saving settings disabled
    Overclocked to 4 GHz (25 * 160 MHz)" Although you have a good CPU it does not compare well with I7@4GHz
    Here is a benchmark that shows similar results to yours cant find their test CPU though
  6. My card is overclocked and i have a lower ress and still get lower fps
  7. citytiger said:
    My card is overclocked and i have a lower ress and still get lower fps

    You have checked that your PCIe slot is running at 16x speed?
  8. A Phenom II x4 can max out all the geometry, particles, and other post rendering stuff from crysis. Upping stuff like textures and AA doesn't increase CPU load, that is strictly GPU territory so you won't get a bottleneck for that.

    I get about 70FPS in Heaven 2.0 with normal tesselation so something is screwed up.

    Are you forcing higher AA or AF through the drivers? 16x AA would kill crysis and heaven really fast.

    Maybe you are not giving your hard enough voltage? How much are you giving the card at 950mhz core. I give mine 1.149v
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