Will a emachine 250 w power supply support a radeon hd 4650

Hello, will a emachine with a 250 watt power supply support a Radeon hd 4650
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  1. yes and no

    yes it will run but emachines PSU are known to die early deaths even without a video card to power
  2. Should I take the machine back and get another?
  3. or you can upgrade the PSU later on, its fairly easy to do
  4. I looked but could not find a 450 watt power supply for this machine. I did find a 300 Watt.
  5. do you live in the USA?
  6. It's an et 1831-05
  7. you can get something like this that will give you more video card options

    or you can simply use the current PSU & ATI 4650 but just keep an eye on it
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