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I'm setting up Windows SB server on a network where the router was the DHCP server - is it best to switch off DHCP in the router and let SBS do this?
Any pointers would be welcome...
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  1. you can only have one dhcp server. depends on where the server is located. if in runs server--->router--->computers then run dhcp on the server and turn off on the router.
    if its router---->server and other computers. let the router do the dhcp
    either way the server should be set with a static ip address.
  2. I would only run dhcp on a server if it was a domain controller or if the network was very large. But that's just me :)

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  3. I would only use Wondows 2000/2003 DHCP server for a Domain setup. It offers dynamic DNS. It will automatic update the DNS name server.
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