Plugged in, Not charging! Toshiba A200-AH6

I have a toshiba sattelite A200-AH6 from 2 years ago. It is running its original Vista home premium edition. Untill yesterday the battery could only support power for 10 minutes, but there was no problem I always used the computer plugged in. From today came these problems: 1-Only charges battery when it is shut down. 2- It will not charge the battery when it is plugged in, and will go out of battery very fast and runs out of power sudenly. 3- when it is plugged in without the battery inside, it will shut down at the login page. although 1 hour ago it shut down after 10 minutes of running.

Computer runs ok on safe mode without the battery inside. I tried taking the battery is and out and turning it on but non worked! I also wasn't able to restore the system to an earlir point it gives the error: 0 800700B7 . Please help me
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  1. Hi there,

    have same poblem....think that the batery is just dead...may be....2,5 years use...enough....
    if u see some answers...tell me where, please....before getting new one , what I intend to do..

  2. Hey guys I have the same problem (but charges most of the time since I double/triple checked it) but my only solution (may be yours as well)
    is that you guys need to get a new battery. The old battery that came with the laptop I bought 3 years ago (almost exactly 4th year this coming summer) is too old and probably the connection from battery to laptop has worn out and is too loose to stay together as a firm connection.

    Get that new battery, its your only choice or your A200 AH-6 will be a desktop soon lol, it's not a good laptop anymore, give it to your kids or neph/nieces.

    (mine still works and charges, if you touch the battery or any slight movement that impacts the battery, it'll turn off)
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