Kuma black 7750 dual core, bottlenecking gtx 460??

is it possible that a dual core procceser can be bottlenecking a gtx 460?
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  1. Not for web surfing, email other and general purpose computer tasks.

    For 3D gaming? What gaming resolution are you using?
    There are some games where the 2.7GHz 7750 Kuma might be holding back the GTX 460. Those would be CPU intensive games like MMORGs, SIMs, and RPGs.
    For FPS and a lot of other games that are GPU intensive there is less chance of the CPU bottlenecking the GPU when all the graphics eye-candy settings are set on high.
  2. Benchmark comparison between X2 7750 Kuma 2.7GHz and Phenom II X4 920 - 2.8GHz.
    The X2 7750 Kuma still looks pretty strong considering its working with just two cores.
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    For games like GTA4/BFBC2 etc that are CPU intensive it would, but for other cases, not so much.

    You would still benefit from a faster CPU however, so consider an OC?
  4. Hi.

    Easy answer: Yeah.
  5. I have my 7750 running at 3.0ghz - with a Radion 5770 @ 900/1320, it calc'd out at ~12,500 (Mark06)
    (MSI 780GX, 2x2gb Kingston HyperX, 500gb SATA WD green-label)
    Personally I was a bit disappointed that it wasn't higher... but, I didn't O'C much at all. I've since returned my 5770 and plan to pick up a 460 when the timing's right.
  6. Depends on the game and resolution, but the simple answer is yes. Any dual core is a bottleneck in some of the newer games.
  7. i run a 1920x1080 resolustion and get about 35 fps on bfbc2 max settings
  8. yeah my 460 scored 11,000 on 3d mark
  9. my highest jsut now was 12,978!!! amazing!!
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