When gaming screen will draw lines, have to minimize to desktop and back to clea

This has been a problem for sometime for me. Not sure how else to describe it but when i start a game on my PC it will start fine for a few seconds then the picture turns to hundreds of lines. I then Alt+Tab to desktop and back to the game and it clears it till i finish a mission and the process will repeat itself. Also I'd like to mention this happens to all games.
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  1. is this an ATI card?
  2. Nvidia - It's older an EVGA 7900 GT KO
  3. sounds like a card that is slowly dieing

    can you try a different card or just the mobo graphics to see if the problem persists?
  4. I do have 2 video card's so i will pull them out and try each one and see if there is a difference.
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