My New Computer Build Keeps Restarting Randomly, I Need Help

I have recently built a new computer system, but it keeps restarting randomly. I Need Help.

It is a core i7 920 build at clock speeds. I am running Windows 7 64bit.
My build includes:
core i7 920 2.66 w/ stock cooler
MSI x58 Pro mobo
ATI Radeon 4650 512mb video card (because im running on a low resolution screen)
2GB 1333 10666 DDR3 Ram
500GB hard drive - SATA
with two 80mm case fans
500W OCZ modular PSU
(ask for the type of case)

i installed windows 7 completely and have been running the computer daily but it restarts on a daily basis with no warning. its annoying and i need help
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  1. Have you tested the memory with Memtest?
  2. no i havent. where do i need to go to test it with that ?
  3. Some boards have it in the BIOS. No idea if yours does offhand. If not, then you can download it from
  4. okay which download do i choose, can you send me the direct link please
  5. after i tested it it showed 2 passes before i stopped the test. and there were no errors. what now?
    my my computer still restarted about 5 minutes ago as well.
  6. I would test one stick at a time, and I'd let it run for more than 2 passes, at least the full range. I'd also set Windows so that it goes to the BSOD rather than reboots, so that you can see the error code. I'd also make certain that if the memory was auto-set by the BIOS that it doesn't have fubar'd settings, which happens. After that you want to make sure that your BIOS and all firmwares are updated. If that all checks out, then you'll have to start a trial-and-error process on the hardware.
  7. i tried everything except the trial and error process on the hardware. the computer still restarts, how would i carry out this process on the hardware?
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