Laptop Pavilion zd7000 Trouble

Okay I just replaced the screen on this Laptop, actually I replaced the power jack as well. After getting the thing back together I power it up and and every possible light goes on and stays on, including the screen. I hear the hard drive spin as well but that's it. I just get a blank dark screen. No flashing curser, and it wont load the bios or anything. Again, every light that can light up just stays on. I took the whole thing apart once more thinking maybe the battery which I'll replace tomorrow and try again. Apparently the power jack replacement worked, and the screen turns on but now I'm stumped. I was just wondering if anyone had any other suggestions while I have the 68 tiny screws out!


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  1. Sounds like your motherboard is dead.
  2. Ugh, That would blow! I suppose I'll have to look for one.
  3. Well I put the thing back together all except the display assembly and plugged it in to an external monitor and got the same thing. Actually, after doing a hard reset I get the setup splash screen, which is filled with a bunch of vertical lines through it. the screen that tells you to hit f2 for setup but then it just goes blank again, if I hit pause it'll stay there forever but as soon as I unpause it, or hit any of the keys it tells me to..... blank screen again. :-(
  4. Sounds like it might be the chipset on your motherboard. Too bad that can't be replaced separately.
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