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Okay, I'm in a bind right now, i'm trying to decide the best motherboard for 4x sli and all the extras that come with a good motherboard, heat dissipation. Speed, sata 6 usb 3.0. I currently am running a pretty bad ass system, 980x, Crucial 256gb ssd, 2x seagate barracuda 2tb Raid 0, sabertooth x58 mobo v10 cooler, 12gb 1866 corsair ram. I'm rocking 2 gtx 580's and I want to find the best 1366 x58 chipset motherboard in the next few weeks or if anybody has insider information of anything coming out soon to be released that would be a good help.

Gigabytes ud9 and asus rampage iii extreme are my 2 lookers at the moment but I want to find something Awsome here, price is no option, but i'm not going with the dual processor sr2, that's just too much pc. I also like evga 4xsli motherboard. I'm just wondering if i'm missing something and anybody has suggestions that would be much appreciated.

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  1. In spite of Intel's problems with Sandy Bridge, you shouldn't expect news on x58. The best you'll ever get is already around, sou you better choose it.
    That said, ud9 and rampage III are both great. ud9 is even better, but obscenely more expensive. rampage iii offers more value.
  2. R3E is great, on of the best boards I have worked with .... but SLI with more than 2 slots is limited to 16/x8/x8 and x8/x8/x8/x8 configuration. Might wanna also take a look at this:


    which offers support for 3 way LI @ full x16 plus PhysX in 4th slot.:
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