Intel i7 980x Extreme Sponsored Build

Hey guys!

I've never built a sponsored build, and was hoping to get a few pointers. So, here goes:

1. I've recently come into contact with a very generous person at Intel, who has graciously donated an Intel Core i7-980x Extreme Edition 6-Core Processor, and was hoping to build a (very nice) computer with it.

2. Then it hit my. Why not do a sponsored computer build with it? I have seen this done on other forums, which all say you need very nice equipment to even try to start one, which I have. So how would I go about setting up a thread on it (on several forums?), and getting the other components from other companies?

3. What would I be expected to do with it? I've heard I should do all the benchmarking, stress testing, and such, and then its pretty much mine. However, other threads said that the correct etiquette would donating it, or selling it and giving the profits to charity.

4. That's it for now really, although I'm sure Ill have more questions as I get answers :)

Thanks guys!
--Dylan Knutson
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  1. I going to send a PM of this thread to the Forum Community Manager in hopes he can helpout. Tom's Hardware might be able to helpout out. Either way if you get sponsors, the PC will need to be given aways as a prize or sold for charity... IMO.
  2. Hey there!

    Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

    To answer your question, the best course of action would be to contact the manufacturers directly and let them know that you'd like to put together a sponsored build, test it, and report your experiences here on Tom's. You'll likely want to get hold of several different manufacturers for different components on the likely chance they aren't doing sponsorships at this time. Your best bet is probably the marketing or public relations/outreach guys at the different companies. Be sure to let them know that Intel has already signed on with an Intel Core i7-980x Extreme Edition 6-Core processor (I'm so jealous.)

    Once you have enough basic stuff to get going, you can post a thread about all the ins and outs of your build and how it runs here and in the component-specific forums respective of each component. Heck, if the post is good enough we may make a feature out of it. :)

    Hope this helps!

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