How can i use "ATI Override" in catalyst control center

I have An ATI 4600 Series 1GB, I am having trouble playing a lot of games, i can only play Bully on medium settings with 1024-768 resolution. and i still lag in some areas. I have a Gateway DX-4300, i wanted to know how i can enable the over ride ability in Catalyst Control Center? would it be safe or is it dangerous for my system? Any tips on speeding up my performance for games specifically my FPS.

AMD Phenom 9750 Quad Core
8GB ram
1 TB Hard Drive
ATI Radeon 4600 series 1 GB
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  1. To activate Overdrive go the Overdrive screen in Catalyst Control Center and click on the key icon, click accept that any changes will fry the card-any changes can be tested.
  2. Thanks. Any idea what i should set it to?
  3. Overdrive is useful if you want to overclock your card or change the fan speed.
    Does it only lag in that game? have you tried other games too ?
    Also make sure you have the latest VGA drivers installed
  4. I have the latest video drivers installed If that's what you mean by VGA. I can manage to play rainbow six Vegas without much lag on medium settings 30-70 fps, i can only play at 1024-768 on all games because its max my monitor will support. Battle field 2142 on all high with no lag 60-100 fps. Gothic 3 on medium with not much lag around 30-50 fps.
    Bully has max of 30fps and i have seen it go down to 13 fps.

    How dangerous is it to override the system?? is it easy to fry the system?
  5. hmm if it only lags a lot in Bully then i think your system is OK,try disabling V-sync in that game because it limits the FPS and then check your FPS again.
    About overdrive,well as i said its for Overclocking,so if you raise/lower the clocks much then you may run in to stability issues,also overclocking the card won't give you a huge boost in games
  6. Lowering screen resolution to 800x600 or less will improve fps and still good quality video, also don't max out Texture settings. Overclocking can do more harm than good...if your video i integrated on the motherboard, add a PCIE video card! 4670 maybe not 30 or 50
  7. Thanks, I was thinking of buying a new video card. Is a ATI Radeon HD 5670 good for games? I mainly want to be able to play Fallout 3 on all high settings. thanks for any help!
  8. If you can go for HD 5770(or HD 5850 if your budget allows)it will give you a good boost in gaming
  9. I think i might just go for the HD 5850. From what ive told you about my system do you think it would be a easy change or would i have to get a new motherboard, power supply, or anything else? Thanks for the help.
  10. I just saw that you play at 1024x768,go for HD 5770 instead because for this resolution there is no need to get a 5850.
    A 5770 can max out every game easily on this resolution.
    You didn't mention your Motherboard or Power Supply but for motherboard,as long as it has a PCI-E 16x slot then you will be fine,and for Power supply,make sure it supports a HD 5770
  11. OK thanks for the advice, I'm not sure what my mother board is but i know i can find out some how. I will go with the 5770 i think its about 200$ cheaper than the 5800's.
  12. You can check your motherboard's model and its specs with apps like CPU-Z or Everest
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