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My computer used to have sound, but I had to re-install windows xp, now it says I have no audio device. I have gone to the lenovo website to try to find the drivers, but I can't find them, and the computer is out of warranty so they will not help me (without charging me). I tried removing and re-installing the sound card. I have another computer, but I cannot figure out how to copy the drivers from that one into the broken one. Any help would make me so happy! Thank you.
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  1. If your other computer is not the same make or model as your Lenovo, the drivers are not interchangeable, so forget about copying driver from one PC to the other.

    If your Lenovo is a desktop PC (ie not a laptop) it may have a removable sound card.
    In that case, you need to go to that card maker's website for the driver, not the Lenovo website. Or fit a new sound card.
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