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GA-770TA-UD3 + (4x2)8gb DDR3 = BSOD!


I just purchased an additional 4 GB of Ram, which matches my current set exactly.
When all four sticks are installed, I get BSODs in less than 15 minutes.

My system runs without problems with 2 sticks installed in slot 1, 2 OR in 3, 4.

The steps I have taken are as follows:
-All four sticks pass Memtest86. I have tested them in pairs.
-Flashed bios with F3.
-Updated all of the mobo drivers.
-Windows is updated.
-No antivirus software.

Link to the memory: - Crucial Ballistix 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) Desktop Memory Model BL2KIT25664BN1608
My system is as follows:
GIGABYTE GA-770TA-UD3. // OCZ 700W ModXStream Pro // AthlonII X3 440 3.0GHz. // POWERCOLOR Radeon HD5770. // Crucial Ballistix 8GB (4 x 2GB) DDR3 1600 // SAMSUNG Spinpoint-F3 500GB 7200RPM // Win7 64 Home premium.

Any help will be much appreciated! :)
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  1. accidental post.
  2. Your memory uses 1.65v at stock settings. Make sure that is what your bios setting is at for normal 1333MHz operation. If it is then you might want to increase the DRAM voltage slightly. Are you running them in XMP or turbo to get the 1600MHz? Those settings usually require a voltage jump also. So if it is you might try increasing that voltage slightly higher.

    That memory is not listed on the QVL for your board but is does come up in cruicial's memory finder so you should be ok as far a compatibility goes.
  3. Thanks for the reply.

    I can run two sticks without problems, (2 x 2Gb), at either:

    -1333Mhz with 9, 9, 9, 24 at 1.5volt. 2t. These 1333 settings are the automatic setting when I choose the "Load optimized
    defaults" option.

    -1600Mhz with 8, 8, 8, 24 at 1.66 volt. (2t & increased memory clock to 8.00) Here I have manually change all of these settings to match the Rams specs.

    Both of the above run stable with two sticks, BUT, When I install all four with either of the above settings I get BSOD.

    Are you thinking that I should try the 1333Mhz with 1.66Volt? (there is no 1.65 volt option)

    What voltage would be useful to try, without damaging the Ram, for the rated 1600Mhz?
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    According to the specs on the ram it's supposed to run 1333, (default), at 1.65v - my board only lets me do 1.66 also. But yes, I would put the four sticks in and adjust the voltage to 1.66v @ 1333MHz first and see if that runs. The 1600 speed is an overclock and usually requires an additional voltage increase. If the 2 sticks run stable at 1333, 1.5v, then you can try bumping up the voltage to the next increase - 1.52? Then 1.54v. You can keep trying that until you get to 1.66v and everything will be safe. But you shouldn't have to go that far to run at 1333. Usually just a little extra should do it. If that works then when you bump it up to 1600 do the same thing with the 1.66v - go up to 1.68v or 1.70. Just watch the heat on the sticks. A simple touch to see if they're warm, (OK), or hot, not so good. I don't see anything anywhere that says that memory runs on anything higher than 1.65v so that should be the setting for 1600, but sometimes, again, it just takes that little extra. I have seen some memory run at 1.9v for the xmp setting, which is what I've been searching for but can't find. As far as damaging the ram goes the increased voltage won't hurt it any. Getting hot might be a concern but normally that's not going to be a problem, but touch them during this just to make sure. Warm is ok but it shouldn't get hot. The difference in the voltage is usually impacted on the FSB/CPU and has the possibility of burning it out, which is probably the warning you'll get when you go above the 1.65v. That's also not a concern as those voltages are normal for the xmp settings. One other thing to keep in mind. When you put the memory in the slots make sure you put the first set in as a pair, (probably slots 1 & 3?) and the new pair in the other slots.
  5. The board does automatically config the ram to 1333, however, the Ram rated at 1600 by Crucial, so I am overclocking, but only to the rams native speed when I set it to 1600Mhz.
    Thanks for the info, I will try what you suggested and post my results.

    Should I consider changing any other voltages or any other settings?
  6. Someone posted this info at Tweaktown.

    and from the AMD Specifications for your CPU it states the following:
    Type of Memory Supported

    X2 - Support for unregistered DIMMs up to PC2-8500 (DDR2-1066MHz) -AND- PC3-8500 (DDR3-1066MHz)

    X3 and X4 - Support for unregistered DIMMs up to PC2-8500 (DDR2-1066MHz) -AND- PC3 10600 (DDR3-1333MHz)
    AMD Athlon

    So I seem to have found a setup that keeps me stable:

    (4 x 2) 8gb: 1333Mhz at 9 9 9 24. 33 tRC. 2T.
    This is Dual channel and Unganged.

    Ram Voltage is 1.66V
    CPU NB VID: 1.275V(This is .100 over the auto setting.)

    So far I have survived Memtest86+, several hours of gaming, and about 5 hours at the desktop with various browser and word programs running, all without 1 BSOD.

    Thanks again for the help everyone.

    Here are my specs again for people searching forums for info:
    My system is as follows:
    GIGABYTE GA-770TA-UD3. // OCZ 700W ModXStream Pro // AthlonII X3 440 3.0GHz. // POWERCOLOR Radeon HD5770. // Crucial Ballistix 8GB (4 x 2GB) DDR3 1600 // SAMSUNG Spinpoint-F3 500GB 7200RPM // Win7 64 Home premium.
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  8. Glad you got it stable and working - now go enjoy that thing! :ange:

    And thanks for best answer
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