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hi everyone. i need some advice on some upgrades.
i have £120 or $150 to upgrade my sons pc.

his specs.

intel celoron (wolfdale) e3300 runs at 2.5ghz but can overclock it to 3ghz. using foxconn one software
2gb ddr2 ram 333 mhz (cpu id says it) i am planning on upgrading this in future.
onboard intel chip gma 4500
250w generic psu
foxconn g41mx 2.0/G41MX-k 2.0 mobo
1366 x 768 (widescreen resolution) similar to 1280 x 1040 res.

i need a decent graphics card and a psu.
i was thinking of getting the xfx hd 4770 £80
but is this overkill for my resolution or is their a better card for under $100?.

he does do gaming on pc, he is limited now but wants to play newer games in future

also i need advice on a psu for around $50 if this is possible. its not a sli mobo so will only be running 1 card.
i have an atx tower case
thanks in advance
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  1. PSU - look for a 400w corsair, seasonic, antec, ocz, BFG

    Video card - the ATI 4770 you listed will be more then enough, you could probably drop down to a Nvidia 9600GT if you wanted to
  2. In case that 50$ for the PSU is not included in the upgrade budget of 150 $, i'd recommend to upgrade both the CPU and the video card as gaming at lower resolutions ften gets dependent on the CPU.. My recommendations would be to get a 9800GT and an intel pentium dual core e6500.. The new egg links are as below..



    This is a fine PSU for your 50$ mark..


    In case that PSU is the part of the 150$ upgrade budget and if you've access to newegg, i'd recommend you get a combo deal on the PSU and graphic card.. A few recommended links are below..


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