Help a case mod noob!

I have an old case that takes only 80mm fans, but I have a spare 120mm fan sitting around. The idea is to drill holes on the side panel so I can screw the 120mm fan on the old case.

Any idea how this can be accomplished?
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  1. buy something like this:

    Measure the circle inside and cut it out on the side panel with a dremel/drill/saw, drill the holes for the screws, then mount the fan.
  2. Take a look at the links in my sig, I like cutting holes in cases hehe
    Another option for you is mark the screw holes using the fan placed (on the inside) on the panel, mark the circle as Yiplong said, then clamp the panel down and drill lots of 3-5mm holes inside the circumference, make sure its all supported underneath AND something on top as well, stops the panel deforming when you attack it :P
  3. Good thinking Dav :) easiest way around the problem imo :)

    Follow those instructions and you will do great, I've done something similar for years.
  5. Look what I have done to my case,10-14 C degrees cooler: Uploaded with" class="img lazy"> Uploaded with" class="img lazy">
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