Possible hard drive problem

Hi, basically recently my hard drive has started clicking. It seems random though, best i can describe it is "click....clickclickclick...click...clickclick...loud click"
Haha, sorry if that looked weird. Anyway, after some research i figured it was the click of death. But apart from this, my laptop is running perfectly, (its only about 9 months old) and when i run a seatools long generic scan it fails it, but does not click while the scan is in process. Any ideas what could be going on?
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  1. if it fail the seatools back up your data before loosing them,and check your warranty for a rma if you could
  2. Sounds like an internal technical malfunction. Ever thought about upgrading to ssd? Backup the current needed documents and files to another external source, and look into crucial, swung or intel ssd. I would say newegg.com for the best price. Look for anything highly rated, with not too much space and good in price as you'll only be installing your OS and applications on it. Trust me, you will never go back!

  3. hold the lap top firmly with both hands and shake vigorously.

    NO i am kidding.

    is it still under warranty? it sounds like the mechanical heads are failing. if a HD fails it will be early in its life not years later. i would hope where you bought that from would be able to replace the HD and OS being less than a year old.
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