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Help please, computer crashed

Last response: in Components
July 23, 2010 6:39:21 PM

Hi all, having real problems with my comp, on monday i checked my email before going to work when AVG alerted me to a virus detection, i was still half asleep and clicked heal, then clicked to remove all the viruses in my virus vault, i cant remember what virus it was

Then when i came home from work i was browsing the net and used my mouse zoom feature to read some small text, when the screen froze and some pixels changed color! :( 

i rebooted and the startup screens were all messed up, i've taken some photos linked here (safe mode, sorry about the poor quality of this one)

So i assumed it was the virus that caused the problem, so i got an old hd and connected it and installed a fresh XP OS and it worked fine, i then attached my old HD as an external and copied some new docs and photos which hadnt been previously backed up.

I though everything was fine as it worked for a couple of days but today the same thing happened again :( , windows wont load completely as it freezes with just my background pic showing, but it works in safe mode

so could it be the virus again? copied over via usb drive? Or do i have a faulty video card? i was going to change it anyway..
any help is greatly appreciated..

Spec is
Quad core q6600
4gb corsair ram
500gb samsung hd
p5-e sli mother board
nvidia 8800gt
power supply is corsair 550vx, 6weeks old

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July 23, 2010 7:18:54 PM

might be your video card
July 23, 2010 7:19:47 PM

Your second picture showed the issue during post, before you even initialized the hard drive. This is not a software issue. The virus thing is coincidence.

I really can't find your motherboard. Full model number and/or a link to it online would be most useful.
Oh nevermind. You said P5-e sli in your post and I could only find the p5e crossfire. Your post picture says P5N-E.

Anyway, if you have integrated graphics, try those and see if you have the same issue. If not, try an old GPU you or a friend has lying around or borrow one. See if you have the same issue.
Also, try testing your 8800 in another computer, if possible.

Your chipset is a possible problem, but I am unsure if the one on this motherboard has the same issues as a lot of Nvidia chipsets. Go through the above and we'll find out. I had the same thing happen to me on an 8200m board, even when using my radeon 3870. Had to replace the motherboard.
July 23, 2010 8:15:19 PM

Hi, thankyou kindly for the replies,

Enzo Matrix, the link you posted is my motherboard, apologies, i made a typo

I will try to test it one way or another, i've already been to my parents place to get a couple of old gpus, but they are not compatible..