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In different forums I notice that a lot of people are saying that i5 750 is better than x4 955 in single ati 5850 graphic card configuration and i7 920 better than x4 955 (FX motherboard) in crossfire 5850. I posted a similar question a while back if the Phenom can handle crossfire like the i7 and they said yes, but I still see a lot of people saying intel is better. I tried to find some comparisons between the three but couldn't find any. So if someone knows if intel is really better or knows any site that made a comparison, please share. :)

Thank you.
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  1. you can compare CPU benchmarks here till your hearts content
  2. If you already posted a similar question, have you not grasped that for driving a video card for the purpose of gaming that all are competent or almost even EQUAL. What makes one better is going to be individual user needs and fluid circumstances like ,sale prices, combo deals, matching up with other hardware.
  3. Intel has better performance but you pay for it. AMD has better value!
  4. The Phenom II x4 965 is equal to the i7-920 in games. In applications, the i7 wins.
  5. Intel Has the CPU market cornered. But GPU wise AMD is the way!
  6. For better performance all around, get Intel if you have the money to burn.

    If you don't have the money, the 965 isn't a bad CPU.
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