$800-$1200 Gaming PC. Haven't built a PC since 2004

A little background info. I used to be really into building PC's from 2003-2005. I have an old PC that is vintage 2004 (athlon64 3000, geforce 6800GT, 1gb RAM). Hoping that I can salvage some parts from it like the case and PSU. I haven't paid ANY attention to pc hardware in the last 5 years. So I have no experience with SLI or crossfire. :na:



SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Gaming, photo editing, video conversion.

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: Not sure if I can use this power supply still. It was a good one when I bought it in early 2004 and was considered overkill at the time. Antec TRUE550 550W ATX Power Supply. Let me know if I should get a new one.

Also I have a decent case, but not sure if I should consider getting a new one. This is the one I have. LIAN LI PC-61 USB Black Aluminum ATX Mid Tower


PARTS PREFERENCES: I'm interested in the i5 750 other than that not sure.

OVERCLOCKING: Yes if I get the itch. SLI OR CROSSFIRE: Maybe - never done this before.

MONITOR RESOLUTION: Going to be getting a new 24" widescreen.

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS:Open to any advice. thanks for reading. :D
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  1. Do you need a new monitor?
  2. yes
  3. And the monitor is included in the $800 - $1,200 budget?
  4. Here's an idea:

    Intel Core i5-750
    G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600
    LG Black 22X DVD
    SAMSUNG Spinpoint F3 HD502HJ 500GB
    SAPPHIRE TOXIC 100282TXSR Radeon HD 5850
    Acer H233Hbmid Black 23" 5ms HDMI Full HD 1080P


    The mobo supports crossfire and if you overclock you'll need a custom CPU cooler.
  5. Thanks for the replies. What is your thoughts on my PSU? Good enough for this setup? Link is in my original post.
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    It's an Antec and it has 360 watts on the 12V rail, should be OK. But the capacitors are old maybe it's time to change it. This one is modular:

    And for better future proof you can also go with the latest AMD socket and chipset and save some money (no dif in gaming, only a bit slower in video converting but that shouldn't be a big deal).

    That CPU is best buy and the mobo is high-endish. The rest of the system is the same.
  7. whatever you do do not take the 5850 toxic. The nvidia 470 gtx costs the same and performs far better.
  8. Do you have a source for that?

    And it consumes much less power and it runs much cooler.
  9. 3D mark vantage is a bad indicator for actual performance look at real benchmarks like these on those benchmarks you will see that the res he will be using 1920 on high settings its far colser to the 5870 and the 5850.

    And yes the 5850 runs cooler but it can't operate on as high temps so the OC capabilty is only a little less on the 470(but you can't OC the toxic so again the 470 wins)

    And yes it uses more power and just sucks :p.
  10. I was told you cannot Overvolt toxics mayb e they did some altering that you can.
  11. You don't need to overvolt the Toxic GPU's to get a nice overclock out of them.
  12. So all those people whining about not being able to OC a toxic including me :D are wrong?
  13. 5870s, not 5850s but it includes a Toxic. Overclocking headroom isn't as high as the others, but it can still be done.
  14. You're not going to set any overclocking records, but they can certainly be overclocked.
  15. Ok thnx for setting that straight
  16. Sapphire only builds ATI cards and they're pretty good at it. I have one myself.
  17. I ended up getting the computer together. Everything runs great.

    AMD phenom 955
    ASUS 5850
    4GB RAM
    Gigabyte mobo
    650w corsair PSU
    23" Acer h233h
    windows 7 home premium 64x

    The power supply I had - the Antec550. Did not have an 8 pin power connector for the mobo power. So I had to get a new one.

    For anyone getting this CPU, know that the stock fan is terribly loud when gaming. Sounds like my wife's stand mixer. So I had to get an aftermarket cooler and all is well now.

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