HD58X0 with dual display

Hi there, i've just read about the GTX 4X0's and their inability to idle when using dual screens, Nvidia comments on it in their latest driver release,

http://uk.download.nvidia.com/Windows/197.41/197.41_Win7_WinVista_Desktop_Release_Notes.pdf - Page 17

the text states:
"GPU Runs at a High Performance Level (full clock speeds) in
Multi-display Modes
This is a hardware limitation and not a software bug. Even when no 3D programs are
running, the driver will operate the GPU at a high performance level in order to
efficiently drive multiple displays. In the case of SLI or multi‐GPU PCs, the second GPU
will always operate with full clock speeds; again, in order to efficiently drive multiple
displays. Today, all hardware from all GPU vendors have this limitation."

So the question I have, is for those people running 5800's on dual screen does it drop to an idle state when running plain windows or is the statement above a bit of BS.

Legit reviews? have comment from NV stating when/if it is fixed, in this doc it shows as something that won't be fixed. I could cope with extra power whilst gaming, just not all the time just because i have a large display resolution over two screens and not just one screen.

This isn't flamebait or tolling...
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  1. I'm running 2 monitors on my Sapphire HD5850 Toxic Edition and it is currently running at 157/300 speeds, which is the idle speed. As soon as I boot up a game or anything like that, it speeds up.
  2. Thanks v much, can't tell what my current card does (8800gtx) as it has no idle clocks.

    Looks like my 470 (arriving monday) might be going back if its true, and its a trip over to the red team, i'll see how it works.
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