Ultra 650 LSP650 GTX460 SLI

I have this power supply:
the ultra 650 watt power supply with two 6pin pci-e connectors.

I have one gtx 460 right now and would like to get another. Would my power supply be able to handle it?
I would also have to get two of these so i can split the two 6 pin pci-e connectors into 4 6 pin pci-e connectors:
"Athena Power 6" PCIE 6 pin "Y" Split to Two PCIE 2.0 8(6+2) pin Cable Model CABLE-YPCIE628"

other info:
i have an asus p55d-e pro motherboard
core i5 760 cpu
4gb ddr3 ram
and so far one gtx 460
1TB WD cavier black HD

edit: i am asking this for a friend, he just told me he doesnt have a 460 yet, should he do this with an ati 5770 instead? would the power supply be able to handle crossfire 5770s?
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  1. I wouldn't even trust that PSU to power one GTX460 for a longer period. It could be dangerous for your hardware.

    If you split two 6Pin PCI-E connectors into 4, you won't get enough power. The 5770 uses less power, so two 6Pin connectors should be enough, but even so, i would never run it on a weak and dangerous PSU like that.
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  3. thank you good sir! thank god he hadnt opened up that power supply yet.
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