Exterior Hard Drive Not Showing Pics (Pics Attached)

Old Rocketfish External Hard drive has 44GB free of 104GB. One file I wanted to see is only showing half the pictures in that file (2011-8-14).. All other files seem to show all pictures. Its my only backup and I wanted to copy them to Desktop or another hard drive. There are a couple of videos but more importantly 40 photos not showing up. Some of those 40 show half the photo.

This is one message I get with those 40 photos.

Look at picture 100_0803. Its showing the preview but does not copy or open. and notice the missing blank files. Sometimes the details comes up, sometimes it doesnt.

This is what it says when I hit preview.(it take a while to come up)

This is what it says if I try to open with bitmap.

This is showing clicking the photos prroperties.

Does anyone have any tips, tricks, suggestions, or reasons why. Thanks so much!
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  1. Here's clicking Properties of that folder.

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