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Hello, I built my first computer last summer, with a XFX GTS 250 512mb. When I play games, I can play them on pretty high settings, but it heats up. Idle temperatures are around 45C, and when playing new games on pretty high settings, my gpu goes up to around 70s-80s. I'm wondering if these temps are ok, or are a bit too high. Also, if I get another GTS 250 to SLI, will the temps of both reduce by much? I'm thinking about SLI to get more power to run on highest settings without killing one of my cards. Will my 600W psu be enough for both cards? Here are my full computer specs

I7-920 processor (with Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus)
Asus P6T Motherboard
XFX GTS 250 512mb
Raidmax Smilodon Case
Seagate barracuda 7200.12 1tb
600w OCZ power supply
corsair xms3 1600 3x1 gb

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  1. Your temps are fine the max is 105C. Getting another one for SLI will leave you with a powerful system.
  2. I see, will my psu be enough for both cards? And I'm using Rivatuner, but I don't think my profile is very efficient, so can someone recommend a good fan profile for me?
  3. You'll be fine with your PSU, and your temps would are alright (could be better).

    Alternatively you could get an HD5850 (performance is ~= GTS250 SLI), and crossfire that later.
  4. Ok thanks, but I already have one GTS 250, so I'm gonna stick with it, and two GTS 250s are around 250$, while one 5850 is 300$+. Thanks again

    EDIT: I just saw a new XFX GTS 250 Zalman Edition. It seems the only difference is the fan? Does anyone have this Zalman Edition? Is the fan better? Is it ok if I SLI the Zalman Edition with the regular XFX GTS 250?

    The one I already have:

    The Zalman Edition:
  5. I'll just get the same one I already have to be on the safe side. Don't really want to run into problems.
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