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Hey, I want to add a second video card to my system, my main one is a 9800 gtx+ I have an old 6600 gt, I heard that you can add a second video card to your system as long as they both use the same drivers, etc, since I know that These two cards obviously don't use the same drivers I'd PROBABLY(read: most likely) run into some serious problems.

am I out of luck?

P.S. --adding a second video card so I can add a third monitor. would this slow down my gaming performance? or would the second video card just act like two extra video ports for my main one?
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  1. You should be fine since they are both Nvidia as long as your OS supports the old card. It should not affect your gaming performance as long as you are only using the GTX for the game and not something else intensive on the other screen.
  2. I have my monitors in span mode, which is xp only, so you're saying if I dragged my game half on one screen, half on the other, the game would have different FPSes?

    Just curious, :3

    also, would I have to install the 6600 driver as well? wouldn't things... conflict?
  3. I don't think that you could split the screen between both cards with good results. The 6600 should run of the same driver.
  4. Alrighty, I followed THIS article

    I cut it correctly, it still didn't detect anything was there in gpu-z, I installed the 6600 drivers, still nada, I put the card in a different slot, still nothing, even though the fan spins up and everything my computer acts like theres nothing even there....

    any ideas on this?
  5. Maybe the card is dead or the slot is disabled in bios.
  6. The card was working as I tested it in my pci-e x16 slot before doing the operation. entire machine POSTed. and I cannot find any options about enabling / disabling the pci-e x1 slots in my bios.

    I know you don't have to help me, and I'm grateful you are. thanks.
  7. Have you tried the install new hardware wizard?
    It does not show up in nvidia control panel? Maybe there is a selection option there.
  8. nope, nothing. Nvidia control panel has the same info gpu-z does. nothing but my main card.

    I looked in my motherboard's manual and it says nothing about jumpers that disable the pci-e x1 slots, either.

    This is getting weirder and weirder.
  9. I have heard that Vista does not let you run two drivers (should be ATI and Nvidia at the same time though). Are you using Vista? Have you checked if the card gets detected in the 1x slot if you remove the GTX?
  10. I'm running XP SP2, I'll try that, actually, in 5 minutes I'm shutting my pc off for installed programs anyway, while it's off I'll try that.
  11. ok, I tried that, It still didn't work, but I've narrowed it down to a motherboard issue, I put my *other* old video card in the pci-e x1 slot I modified, it still didn't work, so I know it's not a video card issue, as all 3 video cards work in the pci-e x16 slot.

    I don't know of any options of disabling / enabling the x1 slots in the bios, all i could find is init display first, which gives me an option of either pci or pci-e....
  12. That should detect a card in the 1x slot if PCI-e is selected.
  13. Doing a bios update now.
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