Big performance drop 5850!!!

HELP. I have a gigabyte 5850 with the 10.3 catalyst. I oc it to 940/1280 at 1.187 volts stable. I also have my i5 oc'ed to 4ghz stable. I used to get over 19000 gpu score in vantage now i only get over 16000. I have tried everything I reinstalled the catalyst drivers with a driver sweep in safe mode. I have reinstalled the directx and i have reinstalled vantage many many times. I don't know what else to do. I do not run the 5850 in oc 24/hr only for demanding games. I even tried reloading the system image of the win7 64bit os to a time that it was getting over 19000 in vantage. If I run vantage with the 5850 in stock mode it only gets over 12000 gpu score?!?! I am so frustrated and tired of this. Is there a problem with my card or the catalyst? What can I do to get my performance back? grrrrrrrr :pt1cable:
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  1. What are your load temperatures?

    What do you mean by "used to"? Like last week and now when you run it you get lower? Has anything been changed?

    Try some real games, if they still perform fine then ignore Vantage.

    Are any settings now forced in CCC (that weren't before)?
  2. My load cpu is 68 degrees with linux and my gpu is about 74 kombuster (furmak equivalent).

    I forgot to add that my score drops after I make an adjustment in the bios (p55-ud4). I had to increase the volts because I would get blue screen from 2 pass video encoding. I got the i5 stable but the 5850 score drops to 16000 with 940/1280oc (I do all vantage tests the same with oc and ccc settings). I first reinstalled the ccc drivers and it went back to high scores. I then made another adjustment in the bios and the scores drop. I reinstall the drivers and nothing happens to the score so I reinstall the directx and the score goes up. I do another adjustment in the bios and score drops so i reinstall drivers and directx and nothing?!?!? So then I reinstall vantage and score goes up. after one more change in the bios and nothing works to get the score up so I reinstall os with disc image but I still cannot get score to go up no matter what I do. I also use driver sweeper in safe mode in between drivers
    I reinstall os with new ati drivers after driver sweep in safe mode then reinstall directx (sdk feb 2010) and reinstall vantage, all from new downloads. Nothing! crappy scores. I am about to give up. Can I, should I rma my 5850? I always use performance setting in vantage

    I tried Metro and avp3 and the performance really dropped. I had to lower settings in order to play smoothly.

    What are the IQ setting?
    My score is really low in comparison to others. This sucks because I can't think of anything else to do. I tried cleaning the physx drivers also but it had no effect of course being an ati card, I think.

    Sorry i took to long to reply, I had to go out for awhile
  3. i5 4ghz stable. Gigabyte p55-ud4. Gigabyte 5850. Western Digital HDD 500gig. Patriot Extreme Performance Viper II Series DDR3 4GB. Corsair H50. Acer 750watt psu. Antec 600 case
  4. So performance drops when you touch something in BIOS?

    I'm pretty sure it's not the card then. Try OCing it as far as you can without touching the volts and report back.
  5. OK I guess I found the problem. I went into ccc/desktop&displays/configure then under DVI settings I disabled Alternate DVI display mode. My scores are above 19000 gpu again. I am surprised it is on as default when the ati driver is loaded and I don't understand why it impacts my performance so much. I'm just happy my card is working good again. If only I knew that was the problem from the start. I wasted a lot of time figuring out the problem.

    Thank you guys for helping me. Appreciate it
  6. HMM that does not explain why my score drops when I go in the bios. Now I am afraid to touch my bios and lose my gpu performance. I'm afraid it will cause more problems. Everything is stable with good voltages and the temps are ok.
  7. What did you keep changing in the BIOS?

    That is interesting about the alternate DVI. I sometimes get a little blurriness without it so I use it, but now maybe I should run some tests. It is possible turning that off just reset the drivers to the way they should have been, but who knows. I don't think that setting was meant to kill performance.
  8. My 5850 good and stable now even if I go into the bios.

    Changed vcore, phh and pch. When I raise pch to 1.12 (it is stable at 1.05) I get a higher cpu score and gpu score. The heatsink does get hot though. I almost think it will burn my finger if I leave it on the heatsink for to long. Do you think it is ok to raise it to 1.12 for performance?

    Also should i leave the rams performance enhance on standard? If I put it onto turbo will that increase performance and or make it worthwhile? I am sure it will affect stability
  9. They list their pch as quite a bit higher, so I'd guess you are ok unless something is different. What are your Temps?,2438-6.html
  10. Actually, I take that back. As PCH is the P55, I suppose they could vary. In fact, I believe my voltages are quite different than theirs. If your board has good cooling and airflow you should be ok.
  11. 34-36 idle 67-70 at load with linx. i don't like the load temps I thought the H50 would do better I have it blowing into the case. It has lower temps blowing in and I am not worried about internal case temps with all my fans. I am using push/pull fans on the radiator.
  12. 1.9v PCH!!!
  13. Yeah, I'm not sure what was up with that. See this guide instead:
  14. I have the same volts as that guide. 40 pass linx and 12 hour prime stable
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