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I bought an AMD Radeon 6870 1GB and installed it into my INTEL® "Classic Series" "Rockfish" G43 - Socket LGA775 @ FSB1333 Motherboard.
I have 4GB DDR3-1333 RAM and Intel Core 2 Quad 2.5Ghz CPU, 650W Coolermaster Extreme Power plus PSU.

The system works fine until I run the benchmarks or play medium to big games or even if I bench my system with the Windows 7 rating system, the pc will just crash resulting in a pc restart or my old hhd's broke.

When I replace the 6870 with GT210 OR 9800GT Graphics card everything works fine!!

So I replace my Intel motherboard with a Gigabyte and the 6870 works 100% or even if I put the 6870 in my fends pc it works 100%.

It seems like the Intel motherboard cant handle the 6870 graphics card but its brand new,....

any ideas on what i can do??

(I installed the 11.1 AMD Graphics drivers but that also didn’t help)

Seems that Its Motherboard related??
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  1. You say it works with your 9800gt or gt210, did you uninstall the drivers with driversweeper before you installed the new Catalyst ones?
  2. I didn’t want to take a chance of not 100% removing the drivers so I formatted the computer every time before installing new graphics card and made fresh installs,....
  3. No idea dude. I do know this, at 2.5ghz, your cpu will not keep up with a HD6870. You need to do some overclocking.
  4. Thanks, Ill keep that in mind.

    Going to tahe my pc to the supplyers today to fix it, wich me luck,....
  5. I haven't personally heard of your processor not being able to effectively run with that video card. I would be interested in seeing why it couldn't if that's the case, though. Geekapproved- are there any articles out there?

    UltimatePC - Have you upgraded to the latest BIOS? How are you connecting the card to your power supply? With a splitter from the four-pin molex? Or by using the 6-pin PCIe power connections directly from the power supply?
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