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I am currently using a Gateway GT5654 computer.

All of my machine's specifications can be found by following this link:

My question is, would I be able to upgrade my dual-core CPU to quad-core? If so, would I be able to utilize them at full potential?
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  1. it looks like your CPU socket is an AM2.
    so your best bet is to find quad cores with an AM2 socket.
    but its going to be hard though finding a quad at 65 watts.
  2. No AM2 quad cores exist the last time I checked, not at 65W anyways. Also, I don't think you'd be able the CPU without Gateway issuing a BIOS update which it has not.
  3. email gateway customer support and ask them. Looks like there is one BIOS update for your particular model, but no notes on the CPU support. If you're lucky the board may support some of the original Phenom models, but with their low clock speeds you may be a little dissapointed.
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