Core i7 800 Series temperature

I have a machine running a Core i7 800 series and it runs at about 105 degrees on average. Is that normal? What is the normal operating temperature range?
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  1. 105 degrees what? If Celcius it's way too hot my 860 generally runs in the 40's C when i have a few things running and idles around 33C.
    Intel rates it at 72C as safe point.
  2. that is seriously too hot. you are going to kill it.. does the fan even spin? sounds like you need to either reseat your heatsink at the very least. ( if it is running Celcius..if that is Fahrenheit, then you are good
  3. Sorry, that's Fahrenheit
  4. Yes as you can see from the two previous post you are fine:)
  5. Fahrenheit then you are good no need to worry :D
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