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OK, im buying a case in about a week hopefully, and the closer i get, the more i change my mind :lol: i was dead set on getting the Storm Sniper BE for a while, then I looked more into the 692 advanced, was dead set on that, no im looking into the HAF 922. I will be adding/replacing several fans in both the 692 and HAF which ever i decide to get. My main problem with the HAF 922 is that it doesnt have a black interior, and it also doesnt seem to have the best cable management. Now, i work with computers, not with paint, so painting the inside the interior and rear black does sound very nice, i just wouldnt know how or with what to do it with. The fan setup id so is to add 2 of these:


to the side panel window, and place 1 on the bottom mount. Id keep the 2 200mm fans, and put a Gentle Typhoon as the rear exhaust. Then happily hook them all up to a 6 fan controller. So cooling should be great. Then with the 692, i was going to add 1 of these:


on the front and bottom, move the top and front 140mm stock fans to the side, and put 2 GT's on the top and 1 on the rear. great cooling, good wire managment, black interior :) . With the Sniper i was going to leave most at stock, maybe add a 120mm at the bottom i think. Please advise on what to do, how to paint :lol: , suggestions, comments, or general knowledge and experience.
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  1. o, and 120 mm fan filters for the HAF 922 would be nice too.
  2. ares1214 said:
    My main problem with the HAF 922 is that it doesnt have a black interior, and it also doesnt seem to have the best cable management.

    The HAF 922 is a great case, though my main problem with it is that it have no dust-filters.

    Just to give you yet another case to consider, take a look at the Lancool K62 price is comparable to the HAF 922, all black finish and, sleek look and good cooling and noise levels.

    Edit - of course you had to go and make a follow up post as I was typing my reply, so ignore the dust-filters comment as you are already aware of that.
  3. haha, yeah, ive looked into the k62 a lot. that, the tempest evo, and the scout have all gone thru a lot of looking at, and they each lacked something i wanted.
  4. I have a new 120mm fan for you to check out!! :na:



    you need to purchase like 20 fans and benchmark them for the rest of us! :D
  5. hahaha, thats the golf ball style one. i thought it was a gimmick until i remembered a mythbusters episode showing that dimples actually make it more aerodynamic. So i firgured if it makes a golf ball more aerodynamic, maybe it makes a fan cut thru the air easier, making less noise? :lol: i really really do, those, the GT, san ace, yates, "air penetrators" :lol: , the magmas, a few others, then just stock fans from CM and others. anyway i can buy and return so that i dont end up having 20 fans sitting around? :lol:
  6. Now if i wanted to be really accurate about all this, wouldn't I end up needing to buy a tachometer, anemometer, and a dB meter? Also a spare PSU, which I have about 40 of :lol:
  7. would i need a dB meter to make it a valid/useful test?
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