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I have an ASUS P5NE-SLI mother board. I think it may be giving me some problems .......i have actually replaced 3 caps on the MOB because they looked "bulged". I still have system crashes when playing games.......but only when playing games.

So i want to investigate getting a new MOB. I know it could be other things that are causing my problem and i am still investigating what the problem is but i wanted to get an idea of what MOB are out there i could use as a replacement. I have no idea.

My cpu is an intell E6600. My memory is PC2-5300 CL5 240....2G of ram total. I do have a Geforce 8800GTs graphics card. Everything else is pretty much standard.

Any suggestions for MOB replacements would be appreciated. If you list a MOB replacement can you also state if the MOB is high end or low end? If you dont no problem.......but if you do it would be helpful to me.

Thanks and if you need more information from me on my
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  1. It is hard to find high end LGA775 boards supporting DDR2 ram today in retail. This is my best stab at it if you can find it available
  2. thanks rolli59.........i clicked on the link.........turns out that is out of stock?

    So the board i currently have, which i think i have issues with, is a high end board........was not sure if it was or not.

    Any recommendations on what to get........i mean......if there are no boards out there for me to get as a replacement..........i really dont want to build a totally new system when i think the E6600 is still a good cpu.

    SHould i think about a new MOB and new memory?

    Just trying to keep the cost down but get an equivalent board for now.

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    This board supports all you hardware
    There are cheaper options but most of them are mATX boards.
  4. Thanks.

    If i decide to go with a cheaper option.........any ideas on what i SHOULD not skimp on?

    THanks again ..............
  5. Just make sure that you have all the slots you need.
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