I have 2 GTX 9800GTX+ , 1 of them has 2 x 6 pin connectors the other has 1 x 6 pin. My PSU has 2x6 pin connectors (1 of them says SLI ready). I also have an extra PCI express 6 pin connector. In total 3x6 pin connectors. I want to know if i should plug in the connector that has 2x6 pin into one GPU or put one 6 pin and the SLI ready one into the next card. But then that leaves a 6 pin slot open on the first GPU. I don't know what i should do. Sorry if i made it complicated, but help!
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    Which PSU?
    I would say just fill it up. Really doesnt matter the order, as long as all the 6-pins are coonected to the PSU it all works the same.
  2. kingwin lz lazer 1000w PSU, i wouldn't want to over fry it
  3. You cant possibly fry a decent 1000W PSU with 2 power sipping 9800GTX+s, just shove em in.
  4. thanks
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