CPU MoBo & Video Card Required $600 - 1000

Purchase Date: 2 - 6 weeks Budget 600 - 1000 AUD

System Usage (most to least important) Gaming, Virualisation, Ripping Dvd's, Internet Browsing

Parts not required : Case (Thermaltake Element G ) Power Supply () Thermaltake Litepower 700 1st HDD ( Western Digital Green 1TB WD10EARS ) DVD Drive (Nothing Special ) 1st Chunk of RAM GSKILL DDR3 1600Mhz 9-9-9-24

Preferred websites for parts: www.scorptec.com.au , www.itestate.com.au , www.pccasegear.com.au
Country of Origin: Australia

Overclocking: Likely but stability is important SLI \ CRossfire Maybe

Monitor Resolution Currently 1280x1024 but will buy Dual monitors down the track

Notes: Will add another kit of ram same as above to bring the ram to 8 GB total need MoBo and CPU that will support this.

Wish to have a quad core and at least 8 Gb of RAM to run pilot tests for networks and study certification courses but wish to be able to game with everything looking decent, will dual monitor but will be gaming with one monitor (except for Supreme commander)

Will add 2 2 TB drives for storage of media and virtual machines etc at later date
2 E-Sata ports integrated to MoBo would be nice but a Sata - E-Sata x2 Bracket (which i have) can suffice

Have been looking at a i5 750 due to extreme overclocking potential can i fit these with 8 GB of Ram over 4 Chips

Parts Required : MoBo, CPU, Video Card (the knowledge to know whether i can fit 4 ram chips with an i5 750) with above mentioned RAM
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  1. ^ i5 750 is a good option...

    As for the mobo - If you want crossfire, then
    And these mobos can handle upto a 4GB RAM stick in each slots - in total - 16GB...

    Video card - HD 5770 would best suit...though an overkill for your monitor resolution, but would better suit for dual-monitor and crossfire setup...

    And you might want to get a faster HDD as a boot drive...
    Samsung F3 500GB
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