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Hi guys :D

I'm wondering if anyone knows software that monitors temperatures and has a max temp warning beep or popup. Its just that my friends graphics card fan is connected by 3-pin and if it happens to losen out, we're gonna not know about it until the card is fried.
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  1. no-one?
  2. well the distance of the wire and the 3pin are the exact length. it's stretched out so there is a chance of it coming lose.
  3. To answer your question, yes there is free software that will track your GPU temps and a whole lot more. Go to:

    Everest Home Edition is great and gives you information on all your hardware.
  4. Most video cards have a built in system to shut down if they overheat. I have never seen a video card fan unplug, i would not worry about it.

    CPUID's hardware monitor will let you see the temps, but does not warn you. This app is fast and low on resource usage. Highly recommended

    Speedfan will also read most video card temperatures.

    Rivatuner works on most ATI and Nvidia cards as well.
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