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Hey I put together my new pc, installed win 7 it was all going well. Started doing updates for drivers and such. After installing the BIOS update I updated the ATI Catalyst thing and then my screen flashed black and after that it was only 600x400 resolution and only reading a Generic PnP Device for my monitor. I tried all sorts of things but no updates worked so I figured i'd just reinstall win7 and start over from scratch. While installing the screen went dark and it doesn't come on at all now. I waited a while but nothing changed, I've restarted and reset the CMOS jumper on the mobo... Nothing just a blank screen. I have a Sapphire HD 5850, MSI P55GD65 mobo, ACER AL2216W monitor... What happened?! What do I do?? Did the video card break or what? It's all brand new.
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  1. Hey thank for replying.

    I ended up bringing in the GPU to get it checked out, but it worked fine so I went back home and reinstalled it, but still not working. I figured the problem may be with the mobo then so I brought the whole PC in (I had bought everything except the GPU at the same store) and miraculously as soon as the tech plugged it in it went through the POST and worked fine, Win 7 had reinstalled fine and everything. Apparently by simply unplugging it for a while it fixed it... *shrugs*

    Anyway it's working great now and I updated everything properly.
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