Trying to OC 1055t on stock vcore

hey guys, im trying to OC my 1055T and im having some problems
im not really confident in what im doing. hopefully you guys can help me out.
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  1. Please identify your motherboard (and BIOS vers), RAMs, etc., and an explanation of the steps you have undertaken thus far (plus a list of the monitoring/testing software you may be using.

    With a little more infor, folks will be happy to help you.
  2. yeah sorry about
    mobo GA-790x-UD4P latest update 4/20/2010
    CPU AMD 1055t
    RAM Corsair XMS2 4gb 1066

    so far i changed this much but iono what else to change in bios, and its not letting me boot

    CPU Clock Ratio = x8 (3200mhz)
    CPU NB Freq. = x 5 (2000mhz)
    CPU Freq = 400
    HT Link Freq = x 5 (2000mhz)
    Memory Clock = x2.66
    DDR2 Voltage @ 2.1
    NB Volt Control = normal
    SB Volt Control = normal
    CPU NB VID Control = normal
    CPU Voltage Control = normal (1.3750)

    what do you think should be fixed?
  3. I think the first thing you need to do is read an OC guide :)

    Check out your motherboard manual and reset the BIOS.

    That GB mobo is a champ but I doubt the clock will go 400MHz (unless you have some very, very exotic cooling) ---- the standard is 200MHz.

    1) Drop the memory from 5.33 to 4.00;
    2) Increase the CPU freq from 200MHz to 220MHz; and
    3) Monitor your temps while stressing the cores at 100%.

    If you are comfortable with your temps after 30 or so minutes of testing, increase the CPU freq from 220MHz to 240MHz ---- Test and monitor

    At 240MHz x 14 (the standard stock CPU multi) your CPU will be running at 3.36GHz and should 'turbo' at 240MHz x 17 (IIRC) or 4.08GHz.

    I would think that would max out the stock cooling.
  4. for my cooling i actually have a hyper 212+ push/pull
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