Building a gaming system for my friend and I spent quite sometime in finding the parts, putting it together and overclocking the CPU & GPU's. GPU's oc lovely (as I anticipated them to). However when I try and OC the CPU the highest I can set the FSB frequency to is 1590 x 7.5 multiplier giving me 2.91ghzx4 but within minutes of booting into windows, the system freezes. The highest I can run the FSB frequency to is 1400 to where Prime95 & OCCT will run for at least 1 hr and the system not freeze. I'm totally stumped as to why this is happening but I know the good folks on tom's can always provide insight ;]. Here are the specs:
-MSI P7N Platinum Mobo
-Intel Core 2 Quad Q8300
-Crucial Ballistix DDR2 800mhz
-Galaxy GTS 250 512mb x 2 in SLI
-600W Coolermaster PSU
-Coolermaster Cooling system
-160gb Seagate Barracuda 7200.12
-2 WD Caviar Green 64mb 1.5tb

Again, thanks in advance to all those that post!
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  1. There's an overclocking section of the forum that would be a better place for this.

    The Q8300 isn't a great overclocker to start with. Why you're building a new system around the dead LGA 775 socket is another topic, I suppose.

    What are your idle/load CPU temps? Have you manually set all the RAM settings to the correct values in the BIOS? Have you run Memtest86+ overnight to see if the RAM's faulty?
  2. 1. Don't post in all caps or angry mods will delete your post.
    2. Not every CPU will OC well, and if someone else's CPU reaches a very high OC doesn't mean yours will too.
    3. You OC by slowly working your way up from stock settings, not highest I can go and then down.
    4. You need to increase v as you OC. You have been doing that right?
    In fact, have you read any OC guide for that CPU at all?
  3. I appreciate your responses. Yes, I have read plenty of guides not only on this site, but many others regarding OC lga775 chips. Specifically the Q8300. I raise the core voltage .25 as I raise the FSB freq by 25. He's building a new system around the lga775 because that MOBO & CPU just kinda fell in his lap (one of the privileges of working in a pawn shop ;] ). Idle is around 32 deg C & @ full load around 38 deg C. Ram timings are 4-3-4-10 @ 2.0v. I haven't ran Memtest86 yet but I will have him do that tonight. The only thing that I think it maybe is that CPU came out of a Dell XPS 430. That MSI P7N Platinum MOBO he's using in this build came w a Core Duo E7500. I plan to throw the E7500 in there and see how far I can push it. Thanks again for your prompt responses guys!
  4. Does the motherboard even support the Q8300? Does it have the latest BIOS revision?
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