Which 3TB. WD Caviar Green or Seagate Barracuda

I'm trying to decide which 3TB drive to buy. The WD is a bit more expensive, but has a 3 yr warranty compared to the Seagate 1 yr. I'm not worried about performance, and i'm not too worried bout power efficiency, however noise is a factor.

I get the feeling the WD is better, but I just wanted a trusted second opinion.



Thanks in advanced :)
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  1. They are both good drives. I've always had good luck with WD and the 3 year warranty is nice.
  2. I would buy the Seagate myself, there is a difference in these 2 drives that may be worth mentioning to you.

    Both are know to be very reliable products.

    The Western digital Green series are power saving drives, they will spin down during periods of inactivity to save power, causing a bit of a lag at times when you go back to using them. Not a big deal, but it is what it is. It is a 5400rpm drive.

    The Seagate drive is more of a performance series drive, so it is not quite as miserly to operate as the Western Digital. It is a 7200rpm drive, which makes it quite a bit faster and more responsive than the WD Green drive.

    Don't know if any of that matters, but that is the major difference in these.
  3. a 5400rpm drive will be cooler, more power efficient, and quieter than a 7200rpm, but it will also be slower.

    if noise and warranty are your 2 biggest factors then clearly the 5400rpm WD is the way to go.
  4. So you say there about as reliable as each other? That's what matters to me more, these don't need to be performance drives at all, it is for backups/archives.

    Has the reliableness of drives gone down sine the Thailand floods? I know warranties went down, that's why i'm considering paying a little more the 3yr on the WD.
  5. well, i've been running 4 1tb 5400rpm WD green drives in raid 5 config for storage for about 4 years now, still going stong and silent.
    personally i've had much better luck with WD than seagate, others will say the opposite.

    again, with 3yr warranty and 5400rpm, the WD wins on both noise and reliability fronts.
  6. Yeah, i think the WD is the way to go, with the warranty. I personally have had better experiences with WD than seagate, but i still wanted to check with you guys.

    Thanks for all you help! :) Rep for everyone!
  7. WD. Always WD. Had 3 HDD fails. All 3 Seagates. WD never died on me. Then again, I have never tried WD's past 2 year mark.
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