Powercolor 4850 HD Play! Card Do Multiple Outputs work at same time?

I have the Powercolor 4850 HD Play! Card. It has DVI, HDMI, and Displayport outputs on it. What I'm wondering is: Can I use all three outputs at the same time for three different monitors? One monitor using DVI, another using the HDMI and another using Displayport? Could there, is there normally a conflict?

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  1. it depends what function you have in mind.

    a single 4xxx series card can only drive two monitors at one time, so if you are after an extended desktop or something similar, you will be limited to two screens.

    if you simply want to switch between three different monitors, only using one at a time, then you should have no issues.
  2. in a HD4850 use single for gaming dual screen is for multi purposing.

    if you want the three moniter config go for a HD5770. it will handle Three screens even while Gaming
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