Help! Computer turns on then off right away

I am having the same problem i had with my older computer before i got frustrated and blow out the north bridge lol. My computer is turning on for 1 second the longest and shutting down immediately. I have a 1000w PSU with asus p6x58d premium, they are both new and came today.. i have been building it most of the day to get it right. I have 1 of those power wires that come with 4x4 female molex connectors and each is plugged into a 120mm fan plus 2x80mm fans, 6 fans in total for 4 molex power connectors in one cord. Is this my problem ? Should i take off 3 fans and add another modular molex cord that brings 4 more molexs ? I believe its a power shortage some where. I am frustrated man plz help.
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    Did you install the standoffs under the motherboard?
    Did you place them so they all align with the screw holes in the motherboard, with no extra standoffs touching the board in the wrong place?
    A standoff installed in the wrong place can cause a short and prevent the system from booting.
  2. 4x4 female molex? What is that? Just to be certain - unplug all case fans except the rear exhaust fan.
  3. ooo stand offs, i never really installed those in my last build... those are the screws with another hole in it right?
  4. Yes; they raise the motherboard above the metal part of the case.
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  6. thanks man you really saved me :) i am in debt, it worked
  7. Good news. Glad it was just that simple fix.
    You're welcome.
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