Having problems with blu ray drive

Lately i changed motherboards and did a fresh install of windows and iv started to have problems with my blu ray drive.It worked perfectly fine before i switched motherboards.
First problem is, if i install a game disc, iTunes will list all the audio tracks of the game disc in the left-hand-side toolbar and it displays the audio tracks even when the disc is ejected and completely out of the dvd-drive. When i press eject on iTunes (next to where the disc tracks are listed) it ejects the disc tray but the audio tracks on the disc stay on the left-hand-side tool bar and i cannot get them to go away (i have also tried re-installing iTunes). Second problem is if i do have a game disc inserted, my computer gets quite noticeably slower and takes 5 minutes to load the disc in the explorer and 35% of the time will stop responding and freeze up. Third and worst problem is because gta iv requires the disc in order to play it, it says the disc is not inserted, which = not being able to play gta iv.
Also when i go to 'my computer' the dvd-drive icon is different to what it used to be before i switched motherboards.

Any help will be greatly appreciated

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    can you try moving the data cable on from the optical drive to one of the native SATA ports instead of the 3rd party chipset?
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  3. I just did what you said and it works perfectly now, haha i thought all the sata ports did the same thing.
    Cheers man :D
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