Do i need a new PSU

i got a psu in my gaming pc i got from tigerdirect for 500 bucks, and its got a 450W power suply, but u dont see any cables, such as a 4/6pin connector for a new gtx card such as a 9800gtx, since i have a 9400gt now which doesnt need one. do i need a new psu for me to get a 4/6pin connector or can i use my currect one?
Its just a grey box.
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  1. You can get a 2xMolex to 6pin PCI-e adapter and use it with your current PSU. Your 9800GTX may even come with one.
  2. where do i insert the cable into my PSU? theres no inputs? do i remove the gray box?
    ty for replying also.
  3. The Adapter will plug into 2 Molex connectors ( the kind that you plug into IDE hard drives and CD drives) and the other end plugs into the graphics card.
    It looks like this
  4. So i dont plug anything into my PSU, and only into my CD driver/IDE harddrive?
    Sorry Im new to all this.
  5. Not quite. There should be some connectors coming off of your PSU that are the type you WOULD plug into your IDE hard drive/CD drive. Instead of plugging them into a drive of any sort, you would plug them into the adapter, like the one I linked above, and plug the 6pin end of the adapter into your Graphics card.
  6. Thankyou so much. You helped a million.
    I was thinking of not getting the new gfx card because i didnt see any 6pin connectors that go into the PSU, but now you solved my query.

    Just another question, is my PSU ok for this GFX card? 9800GTX OR a 4870 ATI on a 450W PSU?
  7. I wouldn't run the 4870 on a 450W PSU unless its a high quality brand. What brand PSU is it? Also- I would suggest the 5770 instead as it is as fast as a 4870 (both are faster than the 9800GTX) and uses lots less power and will easily run on a 450W PSU and it even has DX11 support. Its also generally about the same price as a 4870 right now.
  8. Let me add, I have Athlon II x2 240 2.8ghx
    4gb ram (not sure at mhz, how can i check? on the actual cards themselves?)
    500gb hd
    gigabyte motherboard (gt720? dont remember, ill check soon, on another system atm)
  9. Ok- that connector in the second image is one of the ones you'll need to hook up the adapter- its called a Molex connector. You plug 2 of those into the adapter. However, with 420W and a Turbolink PSU, I'm not sure I would run any of the newer cards you listed as it looks like you only have 1 extra Molex connector and you need 2. I would suggest a better PSU for installing a better Graphics card- you can get a good one that will run any of the cards listed for about $40-50. Here are a couple of options:
    The corsair is a better unit, but the OCZ has 2 PCI-e connectors if you decide you want to get the 4870 (it needs 2) the 5770 only needs a single connector.
  10. Ok wonderful. Ill just sell *** peice of *** on ebay, and get a custom build pc.
    Thanks for everything. You helped with all my problems, and answered all my queries.
    I thank you alot.
    Topic may be deleted.
  11. No problem. But hey- Just select the best answer or whatever and then the thread will be listed as "solved" and then others who have a similar question can find it and get the answers they need- better than deleting it:-)
  12. Hmm,I dont see any best answer buttons or anything?
    How do I locate?
  13. Should just be at the bottom of each post. Did you start this thread as a "discussion" thread or a "question" thread?
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