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Hi i was wondering if i could install a new hdd in my desktop pc and install a fresh windows 7 install from my recovery drive, but i dont want to lose all my data from my primary hdd is that possible or not?
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  1. you dont need to do that. Simply use Clonezilla to clone your old drive to your new drive.
  2. That, or
    If you want a "fresh" install:
    1) disconnect the "old" HDD
    2) Connect New HDD.
    3) Install Windows 7.
    ... Let windows 7 do it's updates, install your Drivers and programs.
    4) Power Off, Connect Old HDD, Power on and go to Bios and set boot priority to new HDD.
    .. A) You will be able to access all files on your OLD HDD untill you delete them or reformat the drive.
    .. B) Untill You want to delete the Operating system on the OLd HDD, You should be able to Daul Boot to either HDD simply By durning the Post, press the Key that brings up the Boot Menu. Select Old HDD. On My Gigabyte MB it is F12 and on My Asrock MB it is F11
    .... NOTE This does not change Boot Priority, so if you reboot it will boot to New HDD. This DOES NOT install a BOOT manager that chan mess you up down the road.

    Added: If you do do a "Clone" you can still do steps A & B
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