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Hi, I'm about to install a new SSD in my Dell XPS 8300 desktop pc followed by re-installing Windows 7 64bit OS on it along with other programmes I frequently use. The current HDD will then be used for file storage.

Obviously first I need to uninstall the OS and other software from the current HDD but can I leave media files on it or do they need transfering to an external storage drive?

Once successfuly installed the 2.5" SSD in the machine, which I have read may need a 3.5" mounting case for, I then simply load the OS onto the SSD. Question - is it easy to physically install the SSD and load the OS?

Basically I want to know how easy it is to do all this or am I better off getting a professional in??
What are the potential pitfalls??

All this is new to me so bare with me, I'm a novice!!
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  1. You dont need to do anything with the files on your HDD yet. simply install your new SSD into SATA0 and then move your HDD to SATA1. install windows onto your new SSD. Now if you want you can delete the windows and program files from the old hard drive or better yet leave them there. If your new SSD should ever fail in the future you can simply move your old HDD back to SATA0 and you will be up and running in no time.
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