Best GPU Upgrade?

Hey folks.

I currently have a pair of EVGA GTX 260 Core 216 Superclocked cards in SLI, moderatly overclocked, on an i7 920 @ 3.2ghz with 1600mhz DDR3 (6gb).. Board is an EVGA E758-A1. My PSU is a Seventeam 850W 80+, and I'm running a single 24" @ 1920x1200 in everything.. I'm mostly looking for gaming performance.

Firstly, based on the above: What bottlenecks might I be experiencing? I really can't tell, but I'd like to minimize any that there are.

Second, and what I want to know, is what a good GPU upgrade might be? I want to stay SLI or Crossfire.

I was looking at a pair of Sapphire 5850s, a single 5870, or going with a higher-end GTX board, perhaps 285 or 295? I'm not sure if my PSU can handle anything more than what I have now (it has 2 12v rails, 30a/35a).

Budget isn't really an issue but I'd prefer to spend under $400 per card.

Is it really worth an upgrade? My entire system is overclocked and incredibly stable, and I have yet to notice any serious framerate drops in anything, but I want to prepare my machine for future games and such. Perhaps I'm just over-reaching the bounds, I suppose. Maybe there isn't a reason at all to upgrade? Someone slap me if that's the case. :)

Either way, if YOU guys had my rig, would YOU upgrade? I've been told / read / figure my GTX260s are pretty much equal to a single 5870, perhaps just a bit slower.
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  1. Your 2 x GTX260 are already performing on level with a HD5870. 2 x HD5850 would be an upgrade though. The only reason for you to upgrade would be to be able to sell off your GTX260 cards while they have value and to get DX11 cards. CPU bottleneck is nothing for you to worry about with that I7 .
  2. 2x5850s eh.. I'd probably go that route, if DX11 were far more prevalent in anything I play. Too bad it isn't. :(

    So if no CPU bottleneck, might there be one elsewhere? I'm not too familiar with it, or in identifying them.. What are common ones?
  3. DX11 is coming. Your system is very balanced it is a upper end, except maybe on GPU (not that 2x 260 is bad) you should have more headroom on CPU overclock as well which would eliminate bottlenecks with a bigger GPU solution.
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