My CPU is always at full load 100%, all 4 cores please help

the Core Temp software shows me that my CPU is at full load all the time. my proc is Intel Core i7-930 Bloomfield 2.8GHz
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  1. what motherboard have? what software are you using?
  2. CORSAIR DOMINATOR-GT 6GB DDR3 1600, Intel Core i7-930 4.0 GHz, EVGA 3-Way SLI LGA 1366 Intel X58 ATX Intel Motherboard. using Windows 7 Ultimate
    can it be a virus?
  3. wait, you are using windows 7 for it? you need to download EVGA E-LEET or CPU-Z. or the task manager i suppose.
  4. the tempreture is the same as on core temp as on EVGA E-Leet
  5. whats the temperature? and how are you reading these temperatures?
  6. core1 61
    core2 59
    core3 60
    core4 59 before it was 33-40
  7. where are you reading these temperatures and are you stress testing the cpu? what cooler do you have?
  8. i am using Core Temp 0.99.5 software, i Overclock my CPU long time ago and stress it with Prime 95 run stable 24 hours. using a water cooling setup. every thing was cool but now my CPU works all the time at the full load like i am using a Prime.
  9. hmmm, does task manager say you are at full load?
  10. yes, 100% do you know what can it be?
  11. it sounds like something, not necessarily a virus is either pushing the cpu to load, or the temperature sensing is wrong. those temps are normal for load? they seem a bit high for load. try rebooting the computer, that is the first step (if you havent already).
  12. try going into the BIOS and disabling hyper threading.
  13. no, the same thing all core still at full load
  14. hmmm, that is very strange, there isnt a bug that i know of that makes the i7 do this. have you tried putting everything at stock speeds and updating what you are using to read the temperatures?
  15. yes, now every thing is at stock speed, and i gust download the latest E-LEET
  16. did you just download windows 7? if so, it seems like its a registry error and you might need to re format.
  17. no, i run it for a long time
  18. this is very strange. do you notice a performance hit at all? one of the last things i can recommend is installing this:

    and seeing what services and processes are eating up your cpu usage so much.
  19. thank you man.
  20. to be honest, your problem is a unique one. it doesnt sound like a virus though. the best advice i can give you is keep asking around or call microsoft, it seems like a registry error. im glad if i was any help though :)
  21. i found the problem, it was a virus, with a strange name.
  22. o, great then! :) what was the name?
  23. no i build this setup 8 month ago. it gust happened all of a sudden. i download a patch for ALIENS VERSUS PREDATOR that was the problem
  24. good job....tango down!.[:wolfen18:9]
  25. It was Folding @ Home i take it?
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