I installed new version of xp and still getting error message a duplicate name o

i am still getting the error message "a duplicate name exists on the network " after reinstalling win xp.
i have done everything i can already. HELP!!
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  1. now no matter what name I give the comp I get the error message "that name already exists on the network" I looked in event log and get this
    "the name "bbbbb .0" could not be registered on the interface with IP The machine with IP add did not allow name to be claimed"
  2. This afternoon I formatted the hard drive and installed a new version of win XP . I am baffled
  3. and there are only 2 comps on the network.
  4. I connected with a cable this morning to Ethernet card and all is well . it is just the wireless that gives errors.
    Ten minutes after the cable was connected I got the error message again. I uninstalled Kaspersky Virus 2013 and it all stopped. there is something about Kaspersky Virus 2013 that doesn't like networking.
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