SATA III on a SATA II motherboard

I purchased a SATA III SSD and my motherboard uses all SATA II. I hooked it up and it is not detecting my drive, I used a SATA III cable.

Do I need to use a SATA II cable?
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  1. Technically there is no difference between an cable advertised as being SATA II and one advertised as being SATA III. There is only one international standard. Consider it an advertising gimmick.

    SATA III ssd's are backward compatible with motherboards having only SATA II capabilities. That should not be a problem either.

    Do you mean the motherboard's System Bios does not detect the ssd or do you mean Microsoft Windows 7 does not detect the drive?
  2. I have not checked the bios yet I have not had that much time to look into this but no Microsoft Windows 7 did not detect the drive
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    it an issues with windows. intill there a partion and the ssd is formated it wont show up in windows my computer.
    if the ssd has an install cd you can see if it has a format and partion tools on it or go to windows drive management and let windows put a partion and format your drive.
  4. All i had to do was go into disk management and assign it a letter.
  5. ok i will try that thank you for the quick responses guys
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