PC starts, does not boot

My PC:

Intel Core Duo E6750 2.6 Ghz
2 GB Value Select Corsair RAM
250 GB Hitachi HD
Nvidia 8800 GT 512mb
600W NZXT Power Supply

The issue: PC turns on, does not boot, no image to monitor.

A month and a half ago I began having PC issues after my CPU fan went out. After cleaning my PC out and ordering a new fan, the PC would no longer boot. Originally, after talking with a couple techs and with Asus I sent my motherboard back for RMA. When I received it "repaired" the issue still persisted. I broke down and had the PC brought to a professional to be diagnosed. He looked at it for a good couple days and swapped out video cards, power supplies, RAM, etc. until he determined it was the CPU. I was there and saw the PC boot with another LGA 775 socket processor. I was elated-- alas an answer. I sent my CPU back to Intel and two weeks later I received a new one (same model, fresh out of new packaging).

I put that processor in, hooked everything back up, and went to fire the PC up. The same issue persisted. Thinking I may have missed a connection I went back and disconnected and reconnected each cable individually-- not to forget or confuse connections and reseated the video card and RAM. After doing so the cathode (case lighting) and fan/led control display no longer receive power and the same issue of the PC turning on, but not booting persists.

I am at a lost as of what the issue is. The new CPU is correctly installed. The heatsink is snugly fitted with thermal compound over it and the CPU fan runs fine. There are no bent pins on the board. All connections are correct. There are no code beeps. I have tried everything I know and have even learned along the way. This is a build that ran for 2.5 years until this issue.

Thanks for any and all help. My tech knowledge is probably just about above-average so if there's something I can do, I'm willing to take a crack.
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  1. Have you tried resetting the CMOS? It can fix a lot.
  2. Yes, the CMOS has been reset.
  3. have you tried switching your ram?
  4. check ur 4 pin power connector..(it is near processor...)
  5. Yes, RAM has been swapped and the 4 pin power connector is connected. Originally nothing was changed from the last time it booted w/ a known working processor to when I installed the brand new one.
  6. I had a similar problem once! I upgrade my power supply and graphics card, and sometimes, but not every time, my computer would turn on, fans would spin, lights would turn on, DVD would open, but it wouldn't boot. I posted my problem on the forums here and I was told to check my power supply since it was crappy. I changed the power supply and the problem's solved! Have you made sure your power supply is ok? I know you said the professional switched it out, but did he switch out the power supply and new cpu at the same time or did he test your old power supply with your new cpu?
  7. He tested a working CPU w/ my current configuration and it worked. So yes, he tested it w/ the same power supply. I have not swapped in a new one since though.
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