Samsung / TSST drive very slow and freezes

Drive: TSSTcorp CDDVDW SH-223F
Version: SB00

Mobo: ASUS P8P67 PRO Rev.1
(Aka, the one with the Cougar Point SATA II problems)
BIOS: 1204
SATA port used: Cougar Point SATA II

OS: Windows 7 64 bit


So, I barely use my DVD drive. I just really care about having a working drive if I need to install Windows. I'm not sure if the problem is with my drive or motherboard.

I used the drive for 3 years with no problems, then they started.



1) Attempted to install Crysis. It installed fine in 2009, with the same drive on a different computer. But this time it froze for a very long time, and cancelling the installation caused my computer to be massively laggy until it logged off. I thought it was a just a problem with Crytek's notoriously crappy DRM, and since I didn't care about getting the game installed, I didn't think much of it.

2) Attempted to install Mass Effect 2. Auto run didn't happen. When I right clicked the drive in computer to autorun, Windows crashed. When I rebooted and went into the drive in device manager, that crashed.

3) Tried to play different media, they froze. Rebooted, computer didn't even read the drive.

4) Got auto play working, started to install mass effect 2. After 4 hours it was about 80% done, and I clicked the drive in computer and windows froze again.

5) Attempted various solutions, listed below.

6) Problems still persist. Either the drive freezes, freezes windows, or is incredibly slow. Like, it took 2 minutes for an audio CD to play. I can barely get disk-check games to launch.

7) General observation: the drive doesn't spin at full speed nearly as fast as it used to. The drive used to spin fast until autoplay came up, but now it doesn't. When I was doing the long Mass Effect 2 install, the drive would spin fast, install a component, than slow down and the process would slow down for 5-10 minutes.



1) Uninstalled driver, rebooted to install new driver

2) Microsoft FIXIT

3) Updating TSST firmware, thought I think the firmware version from Samsung ODD was the same. First attempt froze, got it the 2nd attempt.

4) Resecured cables, but they were fine.


I don't really care about the drive. I've read many troubleshooting guides, and don't really feel like putting hours of work into a $20 drive I barely use. I have a USB DVD drive I can use for most things other than windows discs. I just really want to know if this is a problem w/ my drive or with my mobo, or if there's a specific fix for my particular problems.
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  1. Hi,
    I just bought a new laptop and I have the exact same problem.
    My DVD drive is TSSTCorp CD DVDW SN-208 SATA 8X DVD/Dual/RW S-M

    I have a 120Gb SSD installed with WIN 7 64 bit, the WIN7 installed went fine. I will pull out the DVD drive and replace with HDD. for this I tried to copy Crysis and Gears of Wars DVDs onto the SSD to install from there. The system hanged when coping the whole DVD. I tried small chunks - 96Mb, system would do nothing for minutes then the DVD would light up for 1 min then stop! System reported 23 hours to copy the 96Mb!!

    I ended up copying the DVDs on my older DELL - IDE DVD 8X, transfer rate of 3-5Mb/sec , took approx 30-45 mins. Then to USB HDD.

    Don't know the issue yet, I will test the DVD drive and post an update.
  2. The DVD drive is faulty.
    I used PassMark test software to test the system and DVD drive.

    The DVD drive does not behave correctly, the first test failed, the system summary test worked, the advanced test on the DVD drive always failed with an I/O error. Transferring a 3Gb folder to the SSD takes approx 1 hour with it working for 2 minutes and then stopping for 2 mins.
    My system is new and I am getting a replacement DVD drive. I will run the same tests with the new drive and post results.
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